The general term "foreclosures" is typically used when talking about homes that have been through the foreclosure process and are now owned by the lender. Most people will want to know where to find foreclosed homes, so this page has foreclosure lists from larger national banks, regional banks, asset managers and government sources. The links will take you to the individual lender sites where you can search the listings.

Each listing will have a small paragraph noting anything different about an individual site, most will have the states listed where properties are available.

Pre-foreclosure covers the time when a loan default has been noted by the lender all the way through the public auction where the lender or a third party bidder will end up owning the property. Homeowners still retain the right to transfer ownership or refinance the property during this time period so an investor will be dealing with the homeowner, not the lender.

Includes definitions for most real estate terms, foreclosure industry links, helpful tools for investment purposes, broker price opinion companies and the timeline for foreclosures in California. There are also additional resources for individual California counties.

Determining if you really want to invest in real estate isn't always the easiest decision, this will hopefully help you out.

Investing opportunities are different between pre-foreclosures and foreclosures, knowing the difference between the two and knowing the different types of data you'll need are critical.

A variety of articles discussing different aspects of real estate and foreclosure investing.