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Foreclosure and Pre-foreclosure Data

Many people who visit end up at our page where they find free lists of foreclosure homes from Large National Banks. There are also pages of informational articles about the foreclosure process and general real estate practices. If your interests run more towards property that is just entering the foreclosure process, we also have a page with free lists of homes in default or scheduled for auction. We have many pages of information about foreclosure and we provide links to outside sites that have more information we have found relevant and interesting.

Foreclosure Investing

Foreclosure investing has distinct phases running from the first stage of default where the homeowner still retains the ability to reinstate the loan or sell the property, to the public auction phase where time is short and cash requirements are large, all the way to ownership by the lender.

Stopping A Foreclosure

Our foreclosure assistance pages are probably a good starting point if you are looking to stop the foreclosure process. Also of value will be the Foreclosure Help page. Our discussion board has had many common questions already answered, you can use the archive search feature to look for answers.