Foreclosure Homes, Resources and Information

Free search of foreclosure from major lenders and regional banks.

Preforeclosure starts when the owner stops making payments all the way through the public auction. Various locations for free foreclosure auction listings.

Real estate definitions, foreclosure industry links, helpful tools for investment purposes, and the timeline for foreclosure properties in California.

Determining if you really want to invest in real estate isn't always the easiest decision, this will hopefully help you out.

Investing opportunities are different at different stages of the foreclosure process, knowing the difference between the stages and knowing the different types of data you'll need are critical.

A variety of articles discussing different aspects of homes and real estate investing.

When a lender decides to foreclose, the foreclosure procedure may be a legal action requiring a lawsuit and potential litigation or it could be non-judicial requiring only the proper processes to be followed. Each state and sometimes county has slightly different foreclosure procedures which must be followed. We have pages covering the different types of foreclosure, along with procedures and timelines. There are also sources of foreclosed homes near you and foreclosure auction lists. If you don't find what you need, just ask!