Bank Foreclosure Listings

The History

In the mid 90s, the Southern California foreclosure and default data providers depended primarily on word of mouth and real estate club exposure as advertising venues for their foreclosure data. After spending a couple of years finding what I believe were all the data providers at the time, the decision was made to create the All Foreclosure Informaion site where All the Foreclosure Information could be easily found.

Once a person had the basic trustee sale data of property location, sale amount and date, updates would have to be obtained by phone calls to either the trustee handling the trustee sale or the posting company conducting the actual foreclosure auction. Some of the first pages were simple lists of contact information for trustees and posting companies along with sale sites and articles of how trustee sales worked.

Lenders began developing websites and including their bank owned properties on their sites, so pages were made on the All Foreclosure site so people could easily find foreclosed homes either nationally, or perhaps just from banks near their location. We remain a constantly updated, free resource for users who seek foreclosure information.