florida foreclosure prior to certificate of title

Posted by john on August 23, 2003 at 08:20:33:

here is a question that will test the knowledge of the most astute foreclosure experts on board here at this forum. hypothetical: a debtor files bankruptcy prior to foreclosure and is granted a discharge on all mortgage liens on property. #1 initiates foreclosure and receives property back at foreclosure sale. if no objection to the sale is made within 10 days certificate of title is to be issued. Question? What is the possibilities of Defendant retaining home by offering #1 the Plaintiff the full final summary judgement amount and contacting # 2 offering only pennies on the dollar (since they will be losing all interest anyway) for purposes of settling 2nd lien. Resulting in #1 selling the home to Defendat and withdrawing from foreclosure procedures prior to the issuance of certificate of title.

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