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Posted by Bill H on February 16, 2005 at 21:37:19:

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: My house was recently sold at foreclosure auction. there will be some extra money left over after the mortgage companies debts are paid. How do i go about collecting this myself. As soon as possible. There are people asking to help me for 10 percent of the money i am entitled to. I really need all the cash I can get so i dont want to involve anyone else. Can anyone tell me the steps i have to take to get my money so i can start my new life. Thank you

DO NOT pay anyone to help you get the overage.

Normally what happens, and it may take a few days, is the trustee will ascertain that ALL liens are paid in full and then the money will be sent to you.

You can check this process by calling the trustee who held the sale and inquiring. They will most likely need the sale number, date, time, etc. verification of the fact that you were the owner.

Do not know where you are so these answers are general. Some states have different requirement. Ask your trustee.

Good Luck,Bill H

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