US Department of Justice Lien - a new one for me !

Posted by steve on August 10, 2002 at 01:44:22:

i came across a lien that i have never seen before that i would like to get feedback on - i showed it to 2 title officers who had never seen it before either

since a senior DOT wipes out liens except tax liens what happens to a lien such as this US Department of Justice Lien - it states:

"pursuant to 3613(d),a notice of lien shall be considered a notice of lien for taxes for the purpose of any state or local law providing for the filing of a tax lien"

this makes it sound like a tax lien not a judgement lien !?!?

long and short - what do people think will occur after the trustee sale (CA) ? would it be subject to the 120 right of redemption like an IRS lien ??

if you need more "info" about what is on the lien page let me know -

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