All Foreclosure Free Pre-Foreclosure Sources

Pre-foreclosures are usually considered to be homes in foreclosure where a Notice of Default has been filed in a Deed of Trust state, or a mortgage related Lis Pendens has been filed in a Mortgage state. The list below contains providers of Default, Sheriff's Sale and Trustee's Sale pre-foreclosure auction data listed by state and/or county. Some pre-foreclosure data providers will also provide listings of properties when they become bank owned, or REO. Many will charge a monthly fee for subscription, companies with free information are marked "FREE". We also have another page listing sources of homes in foreclosure at: Preforeclosures.

Lender Processing Service - Agency Sales and Posting

Free, but you have to sign up to use the service. They have pre-foreclosed homes in Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Virginia and Washington. The site will sometimes be slow to use.

NorthWest Trustee Services supplies the properties. They have a map in the center of the page, you can choose the state, and then the county for the states of Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Texas and Washington. You can hover your mouse over each state to see how many homes in pre foreclosure are available in that state.

National Default Servicing Corporation

Not database driven, it's a list with property in California and Nevada There are two links, one for pre-foreclosure auctions and one for sales results.

Regional Trustee Services

Click the "Sales List" link on the left side which takes you to a US map. Click on state, then click the "View Sale List" button. Serve Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington

The Daily Territorial

Foreclosure sales in Pima County, Arizona

Broomfield County Public Trustee

Click on the "Outstanding Foreclosures" link. Broomfield County, Colorado

Jefferson County Public Trustee

Use the NED Date Range search. Jefferson County, Colorado

Connecticut Foreclosure Sales

Public notices of upcoming auctions.

The Washington Post

Enter "trustee sales" in the keyword search box. Trustee sales for District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia

Idaho Public Notices

Public notices of upcoming sales.

Maine Public Notices

Public notices of upcoming sales.

Massachusetts Public Notice

Public notices of upcoming sales.

Columbia Daily Tribune

Trustee Sales for Columbia, Missouri

New Hampshire Public Notices

Public notices of upcoming sales.

Pennsylvania Public Notices

Public notices of upcoming sales.

Comal County Clerk

Scroll down and click on the "Foreclosure image notice posted for" link. Comal county has their notices organized by the date they were posted in a big .pdf file, which Adobe Acrobat can open. Acrobat can be downloaded for free. Comal County, Texas

These sites will provide foreclosure auction information but be aware that many properties do not go to auction on the first scheduled auction date. Many states allow postponements due to lender/borrower agreement, there are also legal actions and very common bankruptcy filings. Depending on the source, if an opening bid is not available prior to the auction, the auction will often be postponed.

If you are following multiple properties, it is often more time efficient to not view a property until a bid is available. It is one of the reasons many people will team up for bidding purposes. One person can inspect the property while another verifies property title information then proceeds to the auction site. Any properties that have been inspected and have had the auction postponed will have to be inspected again on the new auction date. It can be very time-consuming and inefficient.